Gary Loses 5 Stones with Football Fans in Training!

Gary Young was 18 stone and struggling with diabetes when he joining Rangers Football Fans in Training programme.  Thanks to expert coaching and advice on diet and exercise, Gary went on to lose an amazing 5 stone and reversed his diabetes, much to the surprise of his doctor!

The Football Fans in Training course is delivered by qualified Rangers coaches and includes workshops on a variety of health related topics from guest experts.  In total, participants over the last three courses have lost 52 stones and 98 inches collectively! 

The programme has helped many fans turn their life – and health – around, and Gary Young is just one example of the massive changes that can be achieved.  He explained:

“At the beginning it was tough but the more I got into it the more I started to enjoy it.  It became my new thing, exercising, keeping fit and looking after myself."

“Before I was a typical guy who forgot to do things for myself, forgot that I needed to go out and exercise.

“The course was just great.  It’s quite hard to put your finger on what it actually is.  It’s not a diet course or a slimming club, it’s more a lifestyle course that puts you back on track, helps you, shows you where you were going wrong, why you stopped doing things you used to love. 

“It wasn’t just an exercise based course.  We got a bit of education on food and alcohol. The different kinds of food, your protein, carbohydrates and fats.

“We met other guys, similar guys, who maybe worked shifts and ate the wrong kinds of food at the wrong times.  The guys all got together discussing, maybe what foods were their downfall.”

For Gary, the programme has not only resulted in weight loss and increased energy levels but has also achieved additional health benefits that no-one had anticipated.

“Just 4 weeks ago I went and got some further blood tests done and my diabetes seems to have reversed itself." 

"There was no sign of it.  The doctor said it was remarkable what had actually happened.  Hopefully what I am doing will stop any further problems.”

Gary’s dramatic change has not just revolutionised his own life, but has also had a positive effect on the lives of his family members too.  In fact, Gary’s wife Julie has also signed up for the women’s Football Fans in Training course at Ibrox!

“It’s been infectious throughout the house,” he added, “My wife and the kids have all bought into it, and we’re all making our food from scratch, out exercising at the gym, playing badminton, out running and jogging.  It’s a permanent change in life for us now.”

Hear Gary talk about his amazing transformation.