Fundraiser Agreement

By fundraising for the Rangers Charity Foundation, I agree that I will:

  1. Use my best endeavours to raise money for the Rangers Charity Foundation and not do anything to bring the Rangers Charity Foundation into disrepute.
  2. Inform the Rangers Charity Foundation immediately if I am unable to take part in the event. All monies should be returned to your sponsors unless you speak to them and they agree to donate the money to the Rangers Charity Foundation (This should be accompanied by a completed sponsor form).
  3. Keep details of the names and addresses of, and amounts donated or pledged by, all donors and provide such details to Rangers Charity Foundation on request. RCF will provide sponsor forms.
  4. Obtain and pay to the Rangers Charity Foundation all sums pledged within 4 weeks of the event and return all used sponsor forms to the address below
  5. Show the Charity any material bearing the Rangers Charity Foundation name or logo, or that discusses the work of the Foundation, prior to printing and distribution.
  6. Not raise funds by carrying out ‘door to door’ or unsolicited collections.
  7. Not collect in any public place without first obtaining a collector's license from the local authority.
  8. Not collect on private property (including shops, pubs etc.) without obtaining the owner’s permission.
  9. Not conduct any raffle, lottery or public collection without first contacting the Rangers Charity Foundation.
  10. Secure imagery permission for all guests, including myself, at any fundraising event or activity I arrange. I also agree that, if I send these images and/or videos to the Foundation, they can be used for promotional purposes, including use on Rangers Charity Foundation and Rangers FC digital platforms, as well as external media. (Please note you can refuse their use at the point of being taken and ask for the photos to be removed from our social media at any time).
  11. Make sure my event and any third parties involved are fully insured and not take unnecessary personal risks. Your own event is not covered by the Rangers Charity Foundation.
  12. Fully prepare myself for the physical challenge (if applicable) of the event and not hold the Rangers Charity Foundation responsible for any accident, injury or illness sustained.
  13. Be liable to Rangers Charity Foundation terminating my rights to raise funds at any time.

I also agree that if the event is not run or organised by the Rangers Charity Foundation, I am aware that this is the case and I will not hold the Rangers Charity Foundation responsible for any loss, damage or claim that arises in relation to the event. Further I acknowledge that I may be asked to sign an agreement with the event organisers.

Fundraiser agreement