Karen's Story

Karen Watson has not only undertaken many different challenges to raise funds for the Foundation, she has also encouraged dozens of other fans to do the same by organising a challenge each year at the North American Rangers Supporters Association Convention (NARSA).

Back in 2014, Karen spotted the CN Tower’s EdgeWalk Challenge as she planned her trip to Toronto for the convention, and decided to take part – and get some others to sign up with her.

In the end a group of fans raised an amazing $8,000 for the Foundation by testing their nerve on the terrifying open-air walk on the edge of the CN Tower - the world’s highest hands-free walk!  They were suspended more than 1,100 feet above the city in a harness and enjoyed spectacular views of Toronto, all whilst raising funds for the Foundation.

Thanks to the success of the Edgewalk, the annual NARSA challenge was born and Karen has gone on the arrange a hike to the Hollywood sign at the LA convention and a Grouse Grind hike and Cal  Suspension Bridge challenge at the 2016 Convention in Vancouver.

Karen, who is also a regular volunteer for the Foundation, was awarded the inaugural Julie Wales Award Special Recognition Award in 2014 for her commitment to the Foundation.