David's Story

David Kirkwood is a brilliant example of how Football Fans in Training can change lives.  Having been overweight for around 25 years, he signed up for our course designed to help participants lose weight and get fitter. 

In just 12 weeks, David lost an amazing 3 ½ stone, and 25cm off his waist!

“Coming here, doing the training with the boys, it’s fantastic, you couldn’t beat it.  I lost 3 ½ stone, I started at 20 stone."

“We’ve gone through education about what to eat and what not to eat.  Portion size was a big thing for me.  If anyone said ‘Do you want more?’ I always said ‘Yes!’

“I’d say for about 25 years I’ve never been under 19 ½ / 20 stone.  Now I’ve had to throw away my whole wardrobe!”