Craig's Story

Craig Denham has turned his health around and lost an amazing 6 stone since signing up for our Football Fans in Training course.  His before and after pictures show just how big a success the course has been for Craig!

“The 12 weeks really got me motivated and as you can see I have kept it going.  I’ve lost just over 6 stone now." 

“I’ve got just 18 pounds to go until I hit my target which I’ll achieve within the 12 month period I set when I started the course.  So by then I will have lost 7 stone 4 pounds.

“I now run a 10K 3 - 5 days per week to keep it off and eat healthy during the week but “cheat” or “treat” myself big time on match days."

“I wanted to let the coaches know I appreciate all they do for people like me.”

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