Connal’s Great Glen Armed Forces Challenge

Rangers Charity Foundation Director, Connal Cochrane set himself the ultimate forces challenge in 2017 and raised over £5,500 for the Foundation’s Armed Forces Partnership.

Connal walked the Great Glen – a gruelling 79 miles – in 34 hours with support from a small team from the Royal Marines and Royal Navy.

The Foundation Director, a believer that if you are asking other people to support a cause it’s good to do your bit too, has taken on many different challenges for the Foundation including climbing 100 Munros over the course of the year but this challenge proved the toughest yet.

After months of personal training sessions, practice walks and logistics meetings Connal set off at 6am from Fort William on Saturday 3 June and reached Inverness on the Sunday evening 34 hours and 15 minutes later.

During the walk there were moments where the pain in his feet and legs was so intense that he wondered if he would be able to complete the challenge but he found an inner strength knowing the causes he was supporting were so worthwhile.

“Looking back I think the challenge I settled upon was a bit extreme,” Connal says, “but I can now see that I was making sure that I couldn’t shy away from getting fit in the gym or getting lots of fresh air on long hikes as the date of the challenge drew nearer.

“It’s also quite exciting when you don’t know if you’re capable of something but are determined to give it your best shot.

“The challenge raised £5,640 in support of the Rangers Charity Foundation’s Armed Forces Partnership, thanks to the tremendous generosity of supporters, friends and family.

“I’m not sure what my next challenge will be but I won’t be forgetting this challenge in a hurry. It was a hugely strengthening experience personally and I can’t put a price on the value of that.”

If you have an inspiring idea for a challenge like Connal and want to raise money for the Rangers Charity Foundation, please get in touch with us on 0141 580 8775 or email Everyone who raises £100 or more for the Rangers Charity Foundation from a personal challenge becomes a True Blue Hero and is invited to a special reception where they receive a medal from a First Team Player.