Allan’s Story

Allan Davis decided to mark his 50th birthday by taking on a challenge for the Foundation and our partnership in season 2017/18 with The Coming Home Centre in Govan, which provides practical help and advice to veterans and a place to meet and enjoy peer support and camaraderie.  

Of course, Allan’s challenge had to be 50 themed, so he set out to complete a 5k run every day for 50 days, with the last run taking place at our Blue All Over Fun Run at Ibrox!

Allan commented, “I took on this challenge as I have been in and around The Coming Home Centre in Govan for the past few years. The work they do for all ex-veterans is astonishing and I wanted to help raise some additional funds for them.

“My challenge was to run a minimum of 5k every day for 50 consecutive days." 

"After my 5th run, I suddenly realised the enormity of the challenge as my knees were swelling and I had pain running from my hip down to my ankle.

“It was after that evening’s run I sat with my wife Laura and we discussed possibly forfeiting the challenge or finding an alternative challenge and we discussed cycling. The impact of road running was taking its toll.

“And then, later that evening, I received a donation of £50 from Barney Roberts. Barney is a 92 year old ex Royal Navy veteran who joined the Navy in 1942, 3 weeks short of his 16th Birthday. Barney is a regular at The Coming Home Centre and is very active in their fundraising programme.

“It was then that I decided to continue with my running, knees strapped up and pain killers prior to every run, and with loads of messages of encouragement from family and friends I ran through the pain.

“It wasn’t until my 5th week that the pain started to ease and I really began to enjoy my challenge.

"I felt as good as I have in years and on my 49th run I set my personal best 5k time of 23 minutes and 35 seconds."

“My last day was a day of celebration and I was delighted to take part in the Blue All Over 5k at Ibrox Stadium.

“I will continue to run often and am tackling Tough Mudder.  Not sure how that’s going to go, but I do know that mental strength can overcome physical weakness as I’ve already experienced!”